Bigg Boss is the most popular and controversial reality show. Bigg Boss has successfully finished 16 seasons and now the much-anticipated show is back with Bigg Boss 17. Bigg Boss 17 was officially launched on 15 October 2023 on Colors TV and Jio Cinema. Salman Khan has been hosting the show for the past 13 years and now Bigg Boss 17 marks his 14th year as host. Bigg Boss 17 Voting is the most crucial for contestants, and this time the Bigg Boss 17 Vote process will be different.

Here we provide updated information about Bigg Boss 17 like Bigg Boss 17 contestants list, Bigg Boss 17 Contestants wiki and biography, Bigg Boss 17 Voting Online, Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll Result Live, etc. Here we conduct Bigg Boss 17 Voting poll, therefore viewers can easily cast their vote and predict who might be eliminated.

Bigg Boss 17 Vote – Finale Title Winner Voting

The Bigg Boss 17 voting process is quite simple; you can cast a vote by following different methods. In previous seasons, there were three methods: hotstar voting through an app or website, online voting, and missed call voting. The voot platform was the official voting platform for previous seasons but now Jio Cinema has acquired the rights of Bigg Boss 17. Read the complete article to know the Bigg Boss 17 voting process.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Online

Please select once again and confirm your vote…

Disclaimer: This Website ( is not connected/does not pretend to be connected with Viacom 18, Voot, Colors, or Banijay Group/ EndemolShine India In Any Way. This website is made by Bigg Boss viewers and is meant for informational purposes only.

We conducted the Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll every week so that viewers could easily predict and cast their votes. We update this Bigg Boss 17 voting poll every week and provide you with the latest poll information.

Note: The following voting poll is being conducted purely for opinion polling; and is not official. The official voting poll is conducted by Jio Cinema only.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll Results

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Results Percentage (Finale Title Winner Voting)

Below is the latest bigg boss 17 voting trend today, poll results & percentage, or ranking for today.

  1. Munawar 73.6%  (181,439 votes)  
  2. Abhishek 14.57%  (35,922 votes)  
  3. Mannara 6.03%  (14,868 votes)  
  4. Arun 3.74%  (9,228 votes)  
  5. Ankita 2.05%  (5,062 votes)  

Total Votes: 246,519

Total Votes246,519100%
Last Updated: January 24, 2023 (05:31 AM)

Bigg Boss 17 has started on October 17, 2023, on Colors TV and Jio Cinema. As we know, every week, whoever gets the least number of votes will be evicted from the Bigg Boss 17 house.

You will get every piece of information about Bigg Boss 17. We provide the eliminated contestant details below the table. Just go through this article, and you will get all the information about Bigg Boss 17.

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination List (Week-Wise)

Monday is the most important and engaging episode in Bigg Boss 17 because the nomination process starts on Monday. Every Monday contestants get to nominate each other, and whoever is nominated appeals to the viewers to vote for them and save. Below we provide, nominated contestant’s names week-wise, and you can just check it out below.

Week 1Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar, Navid Sole
Week 2Sana Khan, Neel, Aishwarya, Khanzaadi, Soniya, Tehalka
Week 3Sana Khan, Samarth, Arun, Isha, Manaswi
Week 4Anikita, Neil, Aishwarya, Samarth, Sunny, Arun, Anurag, Navid, Mannara
Week 5Anurag, Ankita, Tehelka, Khanzaadi, Abhishek
Week 6Anurag, Ankita, Tehelka, Sana, Jigna
Week 7Anurag, Ankita, Arun, Neil, Rinku, Khanzaadi, Vicky, Mannara
Week 8Anurag, Sana, Arun, Neil, Abhishek, Khanzaadi, Vicky, Munawar
Week 9Abhishek, Vicky, Neil, Khanzaadi
Week 10Ankita, Aishwarya, Neil bhat and Anurag
Week 11Ayesha, Neil Bhat, Rinku and Abhishek
Week 12Aoora, Arun, Ayesha, Abhishek, Samarth, Munawar
Week 13Vicky, Mannara, Arun, Ayesha, Abhishek, Samarth, Munawar
Week 14Vicky, Ankita, Isha, Ayesha

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination List (Week-Wise)

Whoever is on the nominated list, the voting lines will be open from Monday to Friday. Every Sunday, Salman Khan announces the eliminated contestant’s name. Here we update the eliminated contestant list week-wise. Check out the table below; you will find the latest eliminated names in the table.

Week 1No Eviction Week
Week 2Soniya
Week 3Manasvi
Week 4No Eviction Week
Week 5Navid
Week 6Jigna
Week 7Sunny Tehelka
Week 8Sana Raes Khan
Week 9KhanZaadi
Week 10Aishwarya
Week 11Neil Bhat & Rinku
Week 12Anurag Dhobal
Week 13Aoora
Week 14Samarth
Week 15Aisha & Isha

Bigg Boss 17 Contestants List

If you would like to know the Bigg Boss 17 contestant list, then you have landed at the right place. We tried to provide all the information about Bigg Boss 17 contestants like their profession, etc. Check out all the Bigg Boss 17 contestants’ names with their professions below.

1Vicky JainBusinessman
2Ankita LokhandeTelevision Actress
3Sana Raees KhanCriminal Lawyer
4Anurag DobhalYouTuber
5Jigna VoraJournalist
6Navid SolePharmacist
7Aishwarya SharmaTelevision Actress
8Neil BhattTelevision Actor
9Munawar FaruquiComedian
10Mannara ChopraActress
11Soniya BansalActress
12Firoza KhanRapper
13Sunny AryaYouTuber
14Isha MalviyaTelevision Actress
15Abhishek KumarTelevision Actor
16Arun MashetteyYouTuber
17Rinku DhawanActress
18Samarth JurelActor
19Manasvi MamgaiActress
20Ayesha KhanSocial Media Influencer

If you’re looking to know how to vote for Bigg Boss 17 contestants, Bigg Boss 17 voting process, stay tuned for a while, and you will get all the details.

Bigg Boss Season 17

Bigg Boss 17 was launched on 15 October 2023 on Jio Cinema and Colors TV. You can watch Bigg Boss 17 for free on Jio Cinema.

ShowBigg Boss Season 17
First AiredOctober 15, 2023
Show Timings10:00 PM Mon-Fri, 9 PM Sat-Sun
HostSalman Khan
Streaming PartnerJioCinema
Satellite RightsColors TV
ProducerBanijay Group
Duration12 Weeks (100 Days)
LocationGoregaon, Mumbai
House Mates19 Contestants (Given Here)
Prize Money50 lakhs INR
GenreReality TV Show

Bigg Boss 17 has started with a grand opening ceremony on October 15, 2023. As always, the host made the viewers glued to their seats with his cool anchoring skills. This time the contestants are quite interesting; we get to see a couple’s entry in Bigg Boss 17.

Bigg Boss 17 has also become a controversial show, as the contestants are playing well but this time again, the bold content dose has increased. However, Bigg Boss 17 is looking a bit different compared to previous seasons. Then games are very tough, a few rules have changed and fights are just fireworks.

Bigg Boss Season 17 Host

Despite his busy schedule with multiple projects, Salman Khan decided to host Bigg Boss 17. Salman Khan started hosting Bigg Boss in season 4, and now it’s been 13 years with Bigg Boss 17. Well, he is one of the pillars of Bigg Boss success, and this time he is taking whooping remuneration.

Salman Khan’s hosting skills are brilliant; no matter how the situation is, he makes sure to calm all the contestants of Bigg Boss 17. The way he addresses all the issues and mistakes of the contestants is pretty decent.

Bigg Boss Season 17 Streaming Platform

bigg boss Season 17 voting

Bigg Boss 17 started on October 15, 2023. The show was aired on Colors TV and premiered on Jio Cinema. Previous seasons premiered on the Voot platform but this time Bigg Boss 17 streaming platform rights were acquired by Jio Cinema. Surprisingly, anyone can watch Bigg Boss 17 for free on Jio Cinema. No need to buy a subscription; just log in with you’re registered mobile number and enjoy Bigg Boss 17.

How to Watch Bigg Boss 17 on Jio Cinema App

  • Download ‘Jio Cinema’ on the Google Play Store App or Click here
  • For IOS users, download ‘Jio Cinema’ on the Apple App Store or Click here
  • Install the Jio Cinema App on your mobile
  • Open the Jio Cinema app and log in with your mobile number to register an account.
  • Just go to the search bar, type Bigg Boss 17, and watch it for free.
  • If you want to watch Bigg Boss 17 with resolution then you need to buy a subscription which costs 999₹ for 1 Year and 4 Devices.

Bigg Boss Season 17 Prize Money

The prize money has varied from season to season, since Bigg Boss season 1 to season 5 the prize money was 1 crore, but from season 6 to season 10 the prize money was 50 lakhs. Season 11 – 44 lakhs, season 12 – 30 lakhs, season 13 – 50 lakhs, season 14 – 36 lakhs, season 14 – 40 lakhs, season 16 31.8 lakhs and now as per the sources, the prize money of Bigg Boss 17 is going to be 50 lakhs.

Bigg Boss Winners of Every Season

If you would like to know the Bigg Boss winner names of every season. Here is the list of Bigg Boss winners of Every season.

Bigg Boss SeasonWinner Name
Season 1Rahul Roy
Season 2Ashutosh Kaushik
Season 3Vindu Singh
Season 4Shweta Tiwari
Season 5Juhi Parmar
Season 6Urvashi Dholakia
Season 7Gauhar Khan
Season 8Gautam Gulati
Season 9Prince Narula
Season 10Manveer Gurjar
Season 11Shilpa Shinde
Season 12Dipika Kakar
Season 13Siddharth Shukla
Season 14Rubina Dilaik
Season 15Tejasswi Prakash
OTT 1Divya Agarwal
Season 16MC Stan
OTT 2Elvish Yadav
Season 17Munawar Faruqui (Expected)

Voting Process

You can cast you’re vote easily by following the below steps. In previous seasons voting procedure was conducted by Voot platform but there were different methods of voting. This time Jio Cinema has acquired the streaming rights of Bigg Boss 17, and you can vote for Bigg Boss 17 contestants through the Jio app and website.


Bigg Boss 17 Voting Jio Cinema QR Code
Bigg Boss 17 Voting Jio Cinema QR Code

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Via JioCinema App

  • Download ‘Jio Cinema’ app via Play Store/ App Store
  • Log in with you’re registered mobile number on Jio Cinema app
  • Go to the search bar and search Bigg Boss 17’ or Bigg Boss Season 17
  • You will see Bigg Boss 17 banner and click on the banner
  • Go to the voting option and you will find the nominated contestants’ names
  • Select the image and tap on the Vote Now button
  • You will find a message ‘Thank You for Voting

NOTE: JioCinema Voting Lines will be open till ‘Thursday 10 AM‘, and you can cast only 1 vote per day from one account.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Via JioCinema Website

  • Go to Google search engine and search Jio
  • Register with your mobile number
  • Search ‘Bigg 17’ or Bigg Boss season 17
  • Click on the Bigg Boss 17 banner
  • Click on the Voting option
  • Click on the image and click vote now button

Note: For Bigg Boss 17 Voting, Jio Cinema Voting is the only official voting platform that are considered in the weekend contestants eliminations. OTT Rights was bagged by Jio Cinema so “Voot” is no longer be conducting bigg boss 17 voting polls.

Bigg Boss 17 has been in the headlines since its beginning and now the show has been doing really well. Bigg Boss 17 is going to be entirely different in terms of games.

Bigg Boss 17 Registration Process

Bigg Boss 17 registration process is very simple, and anyone can easily register by following the below steps.

Bigg Boss 17 Eligibility Criteria
  • Participants are required to be citizens of India.
  • Participants are required to present identification.
  • Participants must be in good mental and physical health.
  • Effective participant Hindi communication is required.
  • Participants are required to thoroughly review the terms and conditions prior to registering.
  • Candidates are required to create an audition video.
Bigg Boss 17 Registration
  • To begin, navigate to the Jio official website or the Jio Cinema app.
  • Provide your details.
  • Navigate to the Bigg Boss Audition option.
  • Enter personal information including name, mobile number, and Gmail address.
  • Record a video option can be found.
  • You must include your name, number, age, strength, and the reason you wish to compete on Bigg Boss in the video.
  • Tap on “Terms and Conditions.”
  • After verifying every detail, click the Submit button.
Mandatory fields for Bigg Boss 17 Registration Form
  • Name of the contestant.
  • Age.
  • DOB.
  • Gender
  • City.
  • Town.
  • Active Mobile Number.
  • Valid Email Id.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Pancard.
  • Passport Size photograph.
  • Upload Video.
Required Documents to apply for Bigg Boss 17
  • Proof of the Nationality
  • Proof of the Address
  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  •  Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Passport Size Photos

As of now, Bigg Boss 17 has been in the headlines in any way, this Bigg Boss 17 is quite different and contestants seem quite aware of the toughness in the game. However, to continue in the Bigg Boss 17 house, voting is the most crucial aspect and contestants have to play well and win the audiance hearts. Well, we shared the complete details about Bigg Boss 17 show like Bigg Boss Voting, Bigg Boss Voting Poll, Bigg Contestants list, wiki and biography, etc.


When will bigg boss season 17 start?

Bigg boss season 17 started on October 15, 2023, Salman Khan being the host.

Will Bigg Boss 17 come on TV?

Yes, Bigg boss season 17 will be airing on Colors TV. The show will start from 10 p.m onwards.

Will Bigg Boss 17 come on Jio Cinema or Voot?

Jio Cinema acquired OTT Rights of Bigg Boss Season 17.

How to Vote in Bigg boss 17?

Bigg Boss 17 Voting is officially held on Jio Cinema App or Jio Cinema WebsiteClick here for full voting process.

Who is hosting Bigg Boss 17?

Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 17 host is Salman Khan.

Who runs Bigg Boss?

It is produced by Endemol Shine India, under Banijay Group.

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