Bigg Boss 17 Star Sana Khan Takes a Stand Against Body Shaming

Sana Khan who handles celebrity cases is now in Bigg Boss 17 house. Sana Khan is playing quite well, and in a recent nomination, she became the center of attraction.

Bigg Boss 17 is a reality show and as we all know, fights and exchanging any kind of words are quite common in the show. However, still there is a border for every housemate for everything, and sometimes it becomes uncontrollable.

We have seen many housemates through cuss words in the heat of the moment but that becomes a big point for nominations and the same thing Sana Khan did.

Sana Khan was nominated Tehelka, and she gave a valid reason as well. She said he is being rude through his actions and words. The way Tehelka commented about body shaming was not acceptable.

Though Tehelka is a friend of Sana Khan, she nominated Tehelka with a valid reseason. She added that body shaming and color discrimination have become a big problem in society.

Society judges you by looking at your dressing sense, color, and body type. Not just Bigg Boss 17, school, college, workspace everywhere appearance plays a key role in this updated society.

Sana Khan said that she wants to change society’s thought process, and she added, that she never faced that kind of discrimination but she knows the pain.

Sana Khan got good appreciation through social media for taking a stand on Body Shaming. She said the solution to stop body shaming is that one should start awareness and education through open conversation. She wants to start an open conversation once he gets out of the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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